About the Chef

When searching for the worlds most skilled and honored chefs, Buckingham Palace, Hollywood moguls, Major League Baseball teams, sports and entertainment venues and top restaurants have all turned to European-trained Chef Michael O’ Donovan.

Michael started his career as an apprentice chef in kitchens throughout Europe and the United States and used his relevant experience to become a food and beverage expert for brands around the United States and the world.  Born and raised in Limerick, Ireland,        O’ Donovan inherited his passion for cooking from his mother, who cooked professionally for 30 years.  Beginning his own studies at age 12, his teen years included experience at the prestigious Carlton Club in London and the Garrick Club, famously frequented by many of England’s most renowned actors and celebrities.
 As Chef Appointee at the Royal Palace in London, he had the honor of cooking for the Queen of England, as well as other world leaders, including President Reagan and Pope John Paul, to name a few. Michael now brings his world class talent to his new company where he intends to develop a fleet of food trucks across the USA. The cornerstone of which is Pablo's Toc O's.


Pablo’s Toc O’s is a unique and innovative new food truck concept. The menu is based on a commitment to quality, value and authentic Mexican interpretations. This is not your usual Mexican taqueria.  Pabo's Toc O's brings a different expression of Mexican food to life. This is a “visit” to Mexican food the way you would get a taco, a salad bowl or a rice bowl or elote from a street vendor in Mexico City or many villages in Mexico. The wafting aroma of grilled meats and word of mouth may draw customers for initial trial but memorable flavors that customers have come to crave will bring them back time and time again. Menu items are prepared with a focus on healthy alternatives and protein (steak, chicken, fish). Pablo’s Toc O’s food is truly different.